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A random date is chosen from a Quote-a-Day book. YOU predict the quote and receive thunderous applause, accolades and marriage proposals. (proposals not guaranteed)

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Bob Cassidy's Classic Effect "Chronologue" updated into a book of quotes. In other words it's not a card revelation anymore!

The Effect: A date is freely selected (it really can be ANY date at all!) and the spectator opens the book to that date.

You bring out a post card with your favorite quote printed on it and it matches the one that's on the freely selected date.

Important things to remember:

  • You NEVER open the book and look at the dates
  • Everything fits easily into your jacket pockets
  • Works great for stage or walk around
  • Your prediction can be out BEFORE the final date is revealed
  • ANY date can be used

Comes complete with everything you need to perform, all the props and instructional DVD with details, tips and alternate handlings.

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  1. Jim Kleefeld

    I’m very pleased with Quote A Log. The books are well-produced, the video is clear and complete, the cards are large and clean, the method is simple and direct. Overall, this is a great product.

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I gave my permission to Fred to put this out, since the underlying method is based on my effect Chronologue. It’s a very nice variation.

Bob Cassidy