Inspired by Fred Moore's "Situational Magic" line of thinking (how a magician would solve a problem in a particular situation) comes Money For Nothing.

It's a simple plot of trying find get some change for a bill, a problem everyone has had at one point or another.

You borrow a bill and fold it up. You then squeeze the bill and from it's folds drop out some coins to make the correct change you need. You unfold the bill and now find that it has changed as well!

You'll get several variations:

-Borrow a $5 bill, produce 4 dollar coins from it and transform the $5 bill into a $1 bill
-Borrow a $1 bill, produce 4 quarters from it and transform the $1 into a NONE dollar bill
-Depending on your country of origin you can produce the various coinage that adds up correctly
(sorry you'll need to figure that math out yourself!

In this download you'll get all the tips you need to perform this routine.

Easy to do over video for Virtual shows and equally as impressive live and in person.