Harvey the Hank


Harvey the Hank disappears, reappears and trades places with the most unexpected things!

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Developed while working on a cruise ship that catered to children, this routine has all the elements in it for you to get good solid 8-minutes of laughs and entertainment.

-Simple props and easy to follow along
-Repetition with alternative endings to keep them engaged
-Classic comedy techniques of "see but no see"

It's a great tale of Harvey the Hank who magically travels from your hand to an empty cloth bag, again and again...but not quite! He ends up in the most unexpected places instead of the bag!

Parts of your wardrobe exchange places with him, then Harvey appears inside those articles of clothing until finally he ends up INSIDE the sleeve the kid helping you!

You get:

-The hand-sewn cloth bag that does some of the work for you
-Harvey, a yellow silk handkerchief and the unique gimmick that makes things SO much easier
-The Link to the video instructions teaching you the handling, tips and care of Harvey the Hank

Easy to do over video for Virtual shows and equally as impressive live and in person. 


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