Egg Two Point 0

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Not your typical sucker silk to egg routine. There is NO switch to be made, handles easier and there’s less chance of a mess in your pocket!

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After years of performing the standard Sucker Silk to Egg routine and NOT being satisfied with it, Fred Moore has come up with a stream-lined, no-switch and GASP inducing routine.

With this version you don't need to switch out anything, there's no going to your pocket for "whiffle dust" and no chance of the egg breaking in your jacket and making a mess! (yes it's happened to me)

You get:

-The required gimmicks
-The red silk handkerchief (nobody in the "real" world calls them "silks")
-The Link to the video instructions teaching you the handling, tips and care of your Egg 2.0

Easy to do over video for Virtual shows and equally as impressive live and in person. 

1 review for Egg Two Point 0

  1. James Allen

    Whether you’re familiar with Silk to Egg or not, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by both the brilliance in method and thought and quality of engineering. I couldn’t be more pleased with this purchase.

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