Body Heat

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A selected card burned just from the body heat of the spectator.

Video download that teaches you everything you need to do to make the gimmick as well as the moves required.

GREAT for Virtual shows and just as impressive in person.


I know what you're thinking; "Gee is there another way I can reveal a selected card?" 
Of course there is!

The effect: A card is selected and returned to the deck. After the "supercharging" the deck, you explain that some of the spectators body heat has been transferred to the card and that it is now warmer than all the others.

You thumb thru the deck until you notice one single card is slightly burned. As you pull the card out of the deck you're surprised to see a whole burned all the way thru the card! 

Of course it's the selected card (what kind of card trick would this be if it wasn't!). Here's the kicker after examining the burned card you now "heal" the card up so it's completely normal again (and now you're reset to do it again for another group of people)

Easy to do over video for Virtual shows and equally as impressive live and in person. 

In this download you'll get all the tips you need to perform this routine as well as all the insights into preparing the card (or cards!) easily. 

Plus other various ideas on the presentation itself, some history of the idea and Grandmas' famous pot roast recipe (just seeing if you're paying attention)


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